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11 Reasons Why Long-Distance Relationships are a Good Idea

Although there is no template for life, the truth is that not every long distance relationship turns out well. A Skype screen or a phone call can't replace the real deal, and your body can begin to hurt physically from missing your partner.

On the other hand, you can't help but admit that this tricky situation does have some benefits.

A long distance relationship can have some benefits, and this article goes over several reasons why long distance relationships are a good idea.

11 reasons why long distance relationships are a good idea


1. It Defines True Love

You and your partner may be in love because you live in the same neighborhood or city. Alternatively, it may also turn out that you have merely developed a habit. Therefore, you only get to know whether you're truly in love with each other when you're forced to live apart.
It's impossible to overrate the importance of true love in such a relationship.

2. Individual Growth

The distance between the two of you will compel individuality. Many couples find that living together leads to the synchrony of their behaviors and personalities. They shop for couple gifts together, do everything together, and even begin finishing each other's sentences.
At some point, they begin acting so much alike that it becomes difficult to distinguish one from the other. While this may appear cute, it does come with some drawbacks. For example, it doesn't leave enough room for individual growth.
Living far from each other allows every person to discover themselves.

3. It Teaches the Partners the Value of Patience

Living far from your partner makes you become a better version of yourself. You begin to learn the value of patience when shopping for gifts for girlfriend, and you begin to understand that things don't always turn out how you want them to.
You also learn that you can't always get what you want when you want it.

4. It Allows You to Research LDR Tips to Help You Bond

Considering that you can't see your partner whenever you want, you're motivated to research more on LDR tips that can assist you in keeping the spark alive. These tips will ensure that everything continues to go smoothly regardless of the distance between the two of you.

5. You Get to Maintain Your Independence

One of the best things that can come from an LDR is the chance to retain your personal space. The relationship grants you lots of time to engage in the things you love. You get to do things for yourself without making the other person feel left out.
It allows you to enjoy the benefits that come with dating while getting to live independently.

6. It Tests Faithfulness

Some partners are faithful and committed to their partners or spouses because they live close to each other. As soon as they have started living apart, some may get tempted to engage in extra romantic affairs.
You can never truly ascertain whether your partner is faithful to you and your relationship until the two of you begin living apart. As such, an LDR allows you to test your partner's faithfulness.
Partners who are willing to work will learn how to remain faithful in no time. It's why the people involved in this type of relationship need to trust each other if they are to continue dating.

7. You Get to Appreciate the Moment You Spend Together

It's easy to take someone for granted when you're around them all the time. It's not uncommon for individuals to become so wrapped up in their daily lives that they forget to buy gifts for girlfriend or even to value them.
Often, such couples will find themselves engaging in arguments that may lead to their breakup. Problems may also arise when one partner becomes stressed after a long day at work, causing them to overreact in the heat of the moment.
The sad truth is that living apart from your loved one can work wonders for your relationship. The distance between the two of you will teach you the importance of your relationship and allow you to appreciate every moment you spend with your partner.

8. It Teaches You How to Express Yourself Better

Communication plays an important role in every LDR. It's the key to its success or failure. You have no option but to talk to each other and begin learning how to communicate your thoughts using words and actions, e.g., buying couple gifts.
It's why you have to create ways that can assist you in better understanding your partner without sounding boring or redundant. Additionally, there are feelings that you can't share easily when you're in the same place with your partner.
There are occasions when you're either too shy or too afraid of broaching some subjects. It becomes easier to communicate certain feelings and talk about awkward topics when you're miles apart and catching up over the phone.

9. You Don't Fight as Often as You Would When Close to Each Other

Another benefit of an LDR is that it reduces the frequency of your fights and arguments. Living apart means you're no longer in each other's faces. When you do get the time to talk, you and your partner will be too happy to see each other that nothing can go wrong between you two.
Fighting will not seem prudent when you know that you have limited time with your partner.

10. You Get to Create Long-Lasting Memories

Given that you're not in a position to see your partner as often as you would like, you'll begin to value every single moment spent together. In the process, you'll begin creating lasting memories from every activity you do.
When your partner leaves, you no longer get bored as you have memories to look back on.

11. It Allows You to Become Excited About the Future

An LDR makes you feel excited about the future as you look forward to holding and kissing your partner. It allows you to look forward to a bright future filled with images of you holding and conversing with your loved one.
You know you and your partner will become more assertive after overcoming this challenge.


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