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27 Ways To Show Love in Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships can be challenging, but there are plenty of ways to express your love for one another, even when you're separated by miles or oceans. Here are 27 ldr tips:


  1. Regular phone calls

Long calls can be emotionally draining, but a ten-minute conversation every day lets your partner know you're thinking of them and reaffirms your connection.


  1. Regular emails

A good way to express yourself without the pressure of talking about difficult or uncomfortable issues is through email. Just close each message by telling your partner you love them.


  1. Letters

    These are classics, but they don't have to be old-fashioned: Using websites like Paperless Post can help make the process more painless, though you shouldn't neglect to create a handwritten letter at least once in a while.


  1. Sending photos

    This can be a fun and good way to keep in touch with your partner's life when you're separated. You can also include photos from places of interest or memories from together that you can't otherwise share. It acts as good gifts for girlfriend.


  1. Say "I love you" often

    It's a simple gesture but saying it often can go a long way. Use or create a code phrase to indicate that you are allowed to say "I love you" whenever you want.


  1. Surprise your partner

    Treating your partner to something they wouldn't expect is an easy way to put a smile on their face while they're away from you. They may be surprised, but remember, this is not supposed to make them feel guilty or remind them that they're not spending time with you!


  1. Video chat at least once a week

    If you have an Internet connection, Skype or FaceTime can be great ways to stay in touch. You don't need to say a lot but seeing your partner's face can make a difference.


  1. Send cute notes

    Just because there's no one else around doesn't mean this is less meaningful. Please leave them in their favorite spot at home or stick them in the mirror when they return from work! it is a good gifts for girlfriend.


  1. Say something nice each day

    This is a good way to show that you're thinking of and paying attention to your partner's daily life — even if it's something small like wishing them a good morning or asking how their day is going, as long as it comes from the heart.


  1. Send videos

    This can be a fun and good way to keep in touch with your partner's life when you're separated. You can also include photos from places of interest or memories from together that you can't otherwise share.


  1. Send couple gifts

    Perhaps the simplest way to express your love is through couple gifts, whether a watch your partner would appreciate or something more sentimental like a photo album of their best moments together.


  1. Send memories

    If there are times during the day when you can't text and talk on the phone, one easy way to say you'll always remember is by sending them family photos or video clips.


  1. Unbroken commitment

    Remind them of your faithfulness and loyalty by showing this in your actions.


  1. Share jokes

    Humor can lift a relationship and make it stronger than ever. It's OK to laugh at yourself, too, even when you're apart!


  1. Tag them on funny videos or memes

    A great way to show your partner you're paying attention is to tag them on funny videos or memes you come across online. They'll appreciate that you noticed their love for something outside of themselves.


  1. Tell them how much you miss them

    Whether you write a short message or create a beautiful piece of art, it's always great to let your partner know how much you miss them.


  1. Be loyal

    It's an old saying, but it still holds: You can't remain loyal without having an unshakable faith in your relationship.


  1. Talk about your future together

    Long distance relationships can be difficult but discussing your future together can help ease that.


  1. Be patient

    This is one of the hardest things in life, but it's important to remember that time heals everything. It can be difficult to wait when you're separated by miles and can't see each other, but please don't give up on your relationship — stay patient.


  1. Plan away from each other

    Planning activities away from your significant other is a great way to show that you're committed regardless of where you live.


  1. Be uncomplicated

    Let your partner know how seeing them every day makes you feel — do not try to make it sound like this is how it would be in reality! Enjoy it just as much as they are! Trust me; they'll appreciate this, too!


  1. Show them you're still interested

    If your partner decides to take a break for a little while, don't let them know that it's OK — show them how much you miss their company by making the first move!


  1. Digital dates

    Although it's not quite the same as a real-world experience, playing games or watching movies together can help you connect in a meaningful way.


  1. Respect whatever brought about the distance

    Distance can come from several things, but always respect it and never make your partner feel guilty for not spending all of their time with you.


  1. Talk about your distance's advantages: By talking about your distance's advantages, you can show your partner you understand that distance can be frustrating and difficult, but it's necessary sometimes.


  1. Seek your partner's opinion

    Before making any big decisions, ask your significant other for their opinion and thoughts on the matter, even if you don't intend on taking it. This ensures that your opinion doesn't end up being the one you go with, especially if it turns out to be the one you both agree on!


  1. Offer to help anytime

    If your partner is stressed, ask them what you can do for them. They may not realize you want to help out, so make it clear with your words and actions that you're willing to lend a hand when they need it most.

The bottom line
The above ldr tips and tricks are a great way to start. You don't have to do them all, but there's no harm in trying! The best way to stay together is by not letting the distance get in the way of your relationship. It can be difficult when you're apart, but it's not impossible. Take your time and work through it, and you'll end up stronger than ever, both as partners and as a couple! Good luck.


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