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7 Things To Love About Your Military Long Distance Relationship

For anyone dating or married to a person in the military, dealing with distance is inevitable. These relationships are subject to several challenges, from grueling training schedules limited access to gadgets to relocation and deployment far from home. However, military relationships are also exciting and are not without a thing or two to appreciate. The long distance plays a huge role in laying the groundwork for a lasting and solid relationship. Below are a few things to love about your military long distance relationship.


7 Things to Love About Your Military Long Distance Relationship


1. Makes You Better Communicators

The distance can do wonders in improving the intimacy between a dating couple. Research has established that long distance relationship couples tend to communicate more deeply and express meaningful thoughts and emotions.

Remember, communication is key to the success of any relationship. So, instead of focusing on the disadvantages, consider what you'll gain from a distance.


2. It Gets Better

According to a recent survey, the most challenging moment in a long distance relationship is the four-month mark, but it becomes easier after eight months. So, if you're suffering some stress a few months in, realize that it's not going to last.


3. Helps you Understand Military Challenges

Military relationships are not like ordinary relationships, as the military might present unique challenges that you must overcome as a couple. For example, you could get frustrated for not shopping in the commissary or getting on base if you're not married yet because you don't have a dependent's ID.

While you stay at the hotel, your partner could also have to remain at the barracks, and your time together, whether in person or on the phone, could generally be more limited.

Being in a long distance military relationship helps you appreciate and understand that it has its own set of unique and often challenging obstacles. This helps you avoid adding additional strain on service personnel undergoing arduous training, boot camp, or deployed.


4. Having a support system

It's also crucial to realize that having a long distance military relationship has its own set of benefits, including the extremely supportive Military communities.

You can find a support network by connecting with other significant others and joining social media groups to connect with individuals going through similar experiences. Staying in touch with such people makes it easier for you to go through the time apart from your partner.


5. Helps you focus on personal development

Being home alone as your partner goes out for service could help you focus on a personal project that you have probably kept on hold for a long time. Keeping yourself busy with such things helps keep you from feeling lonely or thinking about what you're missing.

Consider something you've always wanted to do but haven't had the opportunity to do. Take up creative art lessons, join a book club, or a church, visit family; attend concerts and local museums; write that book you've been meaning to write, or even establish your own home company.


6. Makes you fonder of your partner

The saying absence makes the heart fonder cannot be more accurate. When in a long distance military relationship, delight in the things you both plan to do once you meet, and it will make you long for and love your partner more.

Make it a habit to discuss the exciting activities you'll do together, like exploring new restaurants every night you're together instead of going to the same old spots. This gives both spouses something to look forward to.


7. Cultivates patience

If there's one thing a long distance military relationship will teach you is patience. Once your partner gets deployed or goes in for training, there's not much you can do other than wait for the specific time you will see them.

At least knowing that you will see each other again at a certain time and date makes the long weeks and months more tolerable. For example, if you both know you'll see each other next Wednesday, it will be easier to get through the week together.

While you may not like the circumstances under which this virtue of patience is cultivated in you, you will definitely appreciate how positively it will impact your life in general.


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