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The Best Long Distance Relationship Tips

Maintaining a long distance relationship (LDR) can be a tough challenge for both people in it. Plenty of couples experience problems taking distinct life paths and moving far away from one another. To keep the relationship healthy, you will need a plan of action and some important long distance relationship tips! Here are the best LDR tips for maintaining a long distance relationship that could work wonders for your romance.

The best long distance relationship tips

1. Setting clear boundaries

If you want to be in a successful long distance relationship, it's not enough to tell yourself that you can handle it. You need to be honest with your feelings and clearly outline what the relationship will look like. Decide how many contacts you want with each other and when that contact needs to happen.

When couples are far apart physically, they often feel as though they're drifting apart emotionally. Set firm plans for your phone calls, and make sure you talk about your relationship goals on these calls!

2. Not talking everyday

Among some of the best LDR tips, managed communication is one of the most important. If you want to save your relationship and make it last, your best bet is to avoid talking every day. Long distance relationships require much mental clarity, so you can't constantly be chattering about your day with your partner.

Conserve your energy for when you're face-to-face--it's easy to get off track by doing it constantly. Or at least give yourself time each night to call and talk up!

3. Don't always depend on technology

Technology is a beautiful thing for long distance relationships. With Skype and Google Voice, it's much easier to keep in touch with your partner without breaking the bank on phone calls. But technology isn't the only way you can stay in touch.

If you don't have time to call or if your partner isn't available, try sending them snail mail or emails to carry on a conversation. Or order each other something special like couple gifts and have them delivered physically!

4. Make a game plan

When you're not together, it can be easy to grow apart because you don't have the same amount of time to spare. It can also be hard to find time for each other in your busy schedules. If you make a game plan for your days and some long distance relationship tips, it will help you work around this problem!

5. Sexting

Sexting is one of the best ones, and it's not just a fling. It's a great way to get each other excited for future days when you can finally be together again!

6. Keep in touch with your friends and family

In a long distance relationship, it's easy for you to grow jealous of each other's company and start acting like spoiled children. On the other hand, you can't isolate yourself and spend all day with your partner if they're far away.

Make time for your friends and family, so they can help you keep a level head. If you have enough of your time, spending it with them will leave you refreshed and ready to jump back into the relationship when you have time.

7. Tell people your relationship

If you don't tell others about your relationship, you could feel as though people are going to judge you for it. Long distance relationships are complicated and often looked down upon because they're not "real" romances. But telling people about your relationship will leave them with a bit more respect for the commitment that you've made, and it can help the relationship run more smoothly!

8. Regularly buy each other gifts

For those in a marriage, couple gifts are one of the best long distance relationship tips to follow. Think of something you would like, and have it delivered to your partner a couple of times a month. Don't let them forget about you or your love!

Also, there are unique and more romantic gifts for girlfriends that you can choose from as the other better half.

9. Find new ways to flirt

Flirting is essential in any relationship. It's not enough to call each other up, ask questions, and hang up. You need to be able to flirt with your partner, sending them unique details about what you're wearing or talking about the last time you saw them.

Sending romantic gifts for girlfriend can help you improve your flirting game and make your long distance relationship date much more romantic.

10. Stay on the line, always!

Being in a long distance relationship means that you will be spending most of your time apart. But you need always to make sure that you're keeping the phone or Internet connection open and ready to call each other when needed.

11. Don't be too nice

Being too nice to your partner is a common mistake in long distance relationships. It's easy to get stuck in the friend zone, and growing apart from each other because you refuse to be mean can be a scary thing.

If you are mean, your partner will not feel comfortable opening up about their problems or treating them badly-even if they think that you're doing so anyway! Be honest and confrontative with each other, but don't get stuck with the "nice guy" persona forever.

12. Tell each other where you're going

If you are in a long distance relationship, then it's imperative to know where your partner is at. Let your partner know if he goes out for dinner with friends or to the movies with co-workers. That way, you won't feel like you're being ignored.

13. Define a sex strategy

Sex is vital in a long distance relationship. It can ward off loneliness, but it's also an excellent way to keep you two connected physically. If you are not the couple who likes cuddling with each other, then talking during sex can help take the edge off the heart.

14. Never lie about your feelings for them

If you want to save your relationship, then never lie about how you feel about your partner. Sometimes you only hear how your partner is, which could work in your favor.

15. Plan trips together, even if they're not far

Long distance relationships usually happen more often when people are in school and don't have the same schedule as their partners. You need to plan trips and adventures together even if they aren't too far away.

The Bottom Line
These relationship tips implementation varies from one couple to another. However, it is a fact that these tips can help you to improve communication, sustain your relationship and keep you two connected.


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