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Common Long Distance Relationships Struggles (And How to Overcome Them)

Long-distance relationships can work. But if you want them to work, you must do what it takes to overcome the struggles. Provided you find the right partner, a long-distance relationship can be a great thing for those who are involved, hence worth every single effort. However, it’s important to remember that there are some common struggles that can arise when maintaining a long-distance relationship, and you’ll need to be prepared to overcome them if you want your relationship to survive. This article talks about 7 common long distance relationships struggles and how to overcome them.

Common Long Distance Relationships Struggles

Communication Issues

Having a long distance relationship means having certain problems in communication. There may be times when you’re simply unable to share information with your partner through various ways such as phone calls, text couple messages, emails, Zoom. Perhaps your partner isn’t available during certain hours of the day or week when you’d like to talk to him or her. At worst, your partner may live far away from you, which might mean more problems communicating over distance.

Commitment Issues

One of the biggest challenges that arise when you have a long distance relationship with someone is commitment. Because you don’t see your partner every day, it can sometimes be difficult to commit to spending the rest of your life with him or her. You may feel too insecure, even though he or she says it doesn’t matter. This is why you should always make sure that you’ve both agreed to have a long term relationship before getting into one.

Colliding Schedules

When dating someone in a different country where time zones differ, you’ll often have to figure out how to work around his or her schedule. This is because, you will find yourself working while the person you love is asleep and vice versa. Having such a confusing schedule is a big challenge that you will have to face together if you want a successful and solid relationship. The primary side effect of colliding schedules is ineffective communication, which could greatly damage a relationship.

Missing Out On Special Occasions

Long distance couples find it hard to celebrate milestones like holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. are pretty hard to manage. It can be really tough to plan something special with your partner or celebrate with him or her since you can only meet once or twice a year. As mentioned earlier, these missed opportunities can quickly lead to resentment and dissatisfaction on the part of your partner.


Insecure Feelings

You’ll not only struggle with committing to a long distance relationship, but you might also experience feelings of insecurity. This could result from all sorts of reasons, including loneliness or being left alone so much that you feel bored a lot. Feeling this way can often increase the chances of cheating, as well as depression. When trust issues emerge in any relationship, they become a huge hindrance to building a strong bond. This is especially true when you’re dealing with a long distance relationship.

Lack Of Sex Life

This goes without saying that sex is a very important ingredient that makes up for the emotional connection between two people. Since you don’t get physical contact every single moment, you’ll most probably miss out on making love, at least occasionally. A lack of sex can easily result in boredom, low self-esteem, loss of affection, and other negative emotions.


Another thing to consider when having a long distance relationship is the fact that one of you will usually be lonely. While your loved one will often try to compensate by doing nice deeds, this won’t help fix the problem entirely. And if this seems to be the case, the two of you are going to end up feeling lonelier than ever before, which means you can’t avoid the fact that one of the two of you is going to suffer a lot.

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