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Fun Games to play in Long Distance Relationships

Long-distance relationships are usually more challenging as compared to couples who see each other daily and it's important to make an effort to keep the relationship alive. This can be done by exchanging handwritten letters, talking on the phone at least once a day, or sending gifts or pictures. However, another way to be incredibly beneficial for maintaining a healthy long-distance relationship is playing games together through Skype, Zoom, or Facetime.

The following are some fun games to play when you are on a long distance relationship.


This Or That?

In "This Or That?" you share the question between the two of you. You choose the word or word phrase that describes the question most prominently; therefore, it's up to your sweetie to choose another word that describes the same thing in a more general way.


For instance, if your question is, "This or That?" you could answer it by making a list of possibilities and choosing the one that your sweetie is least likely to choose. Or you might choose to answer, "I'm not sure which to choose. What do you think in general?"


It's like a scientific poll! You and your sweetie can then play it together one at a time, with the person who is going first selecting the card of their choice. (You might want to write down the cards so that you can see what each other chose!) When only one card is left, that's the answer.


"Ask Me Anything."

If you have an excellent one-on-one rapport with someone, you can use this game to reach out and connect. "Ask Me Anything" works well for long distance relationships as well as face-to-face ones. It's a fun way to get to know each other better and be honest about your feelings.


In "Ask Me Anything," one person asks another a question, which the listener is then given the opportunity to answer honestly, no matter how embarrassing or personal.


There's no wrong answer if the other person is trying to be honest. If they're not being completely honest, or they're just answering questions they think you want to hear instead of the truth, then all hope is lost!


 "The Truth"

This one plays like a game of Poker; however, instead of winning cash or chips, you win points. You can do this by having the one who asked the question choose two cards and read their questions. If you want to make it more challenging, you can play by choosing three cards and then asking the listener to answer, "I'd rather not say."


Now, in order to make this game truly fun, there should be no consequences for any of your answers. If your sweetie asks something like: "What is my favorite color?" And you say, "You are wearing a red shirt," that's cheating. You can't own up to your answer no matter how much you want to!


Would You Rather?

In "Would You Rather?", you choose two choices, either of which you would rather do than the other. You can work together to come up with an answer, or you can let the person who chose the first choice choose their second option.


For example, you might choose, "Would You Rather? I would rather be in a relationship than be single." Your sweetie could then choose which of the two is easier for them: "I'd rather spend time with my friend in the park. Or I'd rather have dinner out with my parents and go home to watch TV. Who would you rather spend time with? Who would you rather go to dinner with?"


"I Bet You Can't."

In this game, you and your sweetie set up a bet that leads to many priceless moments. During the game, one of you will ask another a question, like: "I'll give you $5 if I can guess what color the sky is tomorrow." Your sweetie might then choose a card and answer the question, "Blue. It's a beautiful, sunny day!" You then give them $5!


Of course, the bet doesn't always have to be related to the subject of money. If you think your sweetie will be able to accomplish something like reading a 200-page book in less than six hours, you can make them a similar challenge. The only criterion is that there has to be a reward for succeeding!


Who Knew?

If you're looking for a new twist on an old classic, look no further than Who Knew? This one comes from Jingle Bells, but instead of "who knows?" or "what will it be" questions, it asks "who knew?" or "what were they thinking?"

Both partners take turns writing down facts, opinions, statements, or anything else that just came into your mind. The partner whose turn it gets points for each item they write down. After all six items are written down, you add them up. Whoever has the highest total wins!



Pictionary is an adorable game because it lets you play as a couple. It only takes a few minutes before you feel in sync with your partner. You have to act quickly and think on your toes, or else you might be the one with crayons in hand!


Pictionary is great because it can spark conversation, much like any other game of skill. No matter who wins or loses, there's always a significant rush at the end of each round when they get to see their cards join together into one giant masterpiece. It's a great game for couples in distance relationships because there's always a fun reason to pull out Pictionary when you get together.


Exchange Handwritten Letters

A good way to have a good time with your loved one is reading handwritten letters to each other. Reading out-loud each other words will create a special bond between the two. You can each write a new letter or read letters that you both have sent in the past. 

With everybody sending text messages and e-mails these days, there is nothing more surprising that receiving a letter on the mail.

A similar way of reading handwritten letters will be reading long distance relationship messages to each other. Long Distance Messages on Capsules are a great way to communicate with your significant other by having them open one capsule a day and reading the message on the inside. 


The Bottom Line

Playing games with your partner - even when you're both stuck in different countries - can be incredibly fun and rejuvenating for you both. It can also be a way for you to experience roleplay and for you to become physically connected through the computer, as these are fun things to do in a long distance relationship. If it's important to connect with each other somehow, then why not take the opportunity to play games, as games are one of the best ways to do this.


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