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The Best “Miss You” Gifts for a Loved One


We all can’t help missing people we love. Family members, our friends, or even our romantic partners. It is okay to keep our feelings to ourselves, but it sure goes a long way into people’s hearts when you tell them how you miss them. If the love is mutual, you may find that the other person was thinking about how much they miss you too and breaking the ice and letting it out goes a long way into lighting sparks in the right direction. So, yes! If you miss someone, go right ahead, and let them know. And what a better way to say I miss you than with a unique gift. Here are the best Miss You gifts for a loved one.


6 Gift ideas that Say I Miss You!

Miss you gifts are a great way to let our loved ones know that you still love, think, and care about them despite not being with them at that moment. Choosing the right gift for your loved one is important. You can get creative by getting something that will surprise your loved one such as a branded hoodie and this will work well. It also helps to try and know what your partner wishes to purchase in the future, and this can spark a really good idea. Sneaking into their shopping app for a look at their wish list is definitely worth your while. Another grand idea is knowing what your loved one needs, for instance, if your partner is very occupied with work that he/she seldom gets ample time to do the dishes, getting a dishwasher would go a long way toward showing your partner how concerned you are and they can’t help but think about you often

Write a Handwritten Letter

In such a time when almost everything is going behind a screen, a handwritten letter to your loved one will work magic. Sending love ‘the old way’ is not only romantic that the recipient will always read it, think about you, and smile but also has a huge tone of benefits to your relationship. Taking your time off the screen is good for your brain and creativity. Handwritten letters will make you and your partner feel extra and happy about each other. What more is there to ask for!


Create a DIY Photo Collage

Photographs are a great way to store memories with loved ones. Photographs are special in that every time you look at them, they activate the mood and feeling at the time the photo was captured. Making a DIY photo collage is a mutual way of expressing how much you miss your loved one, not to mention what a great gift it is, and that will leave your loved one(s) smiling nostalgically and craving for more of you. Are you looking to set your loved one constantly thinking about you? Then a DIY photo collage gift could be what you are looking for.


Prepare a List of things you like about them

No gift surpasses knowing that a person loves and appreciates you for your attributes. Preparing a ‘list of things I like about you’ for your loved one is a great way to self-reflect and see the good side of your partner. It is so fulfilling to know that you love your partner for the right reasons. Sending this to your loved one are perfect miss you gifts that will help them feel appreciated and loved for the right reasons and chances are that they will almost prepare a similar list of things they like about you, perfect working magic!


Cook them some Home-made Cookies

Science has proven that the hormones released when you love or are loved are the same ones released when you eat to satisfy your hunger. Sending your loved one a pack of homemade cookies as a miss you gift is a timely thing to set them down memory lane to remind them of the romantic moments spent in the kitchen cooking together, not to mention the dopamine your partner will experience as he/she eats the cookies. This gesture also shows how much you care as it is something they like.


Print Stickers with your Face for a Fun Note

Custom stickers with your face on them can be a romantic way to set your partner into missing you in as much as you miss them. This combined will a well-thought pun will definitely hit the soft spot and set your partner in a good mood, laughter is the best medicine. This little gesture will set your partner thinking about all the fun moments you have shared together, a gift worth your dime.


Send them Cute Little Love Notes in Capsules

Long Distance Messages in Capsules are a romantic way to express affection to our loved ones. Sending messages in capsules to a loved one you miss can be a great way to help them reconnect with you and miss you as much as you miss them. These capsules are filled with affectionate notes saying all that you can think is your loved one. I bet they will enjoy and feel the love on the other end. Capsuled cute little love notes are a great way to make them feel better. What do capsules do anyway?


The bottom line

The gifts list cannot be exhausted on a single article. The choice of gift may not really matter but it is the act that makes the difference. It will mean lots to someone to know that their loved one will do something to let them know that you miss them. You may be unsure of what to choose for your partner as a miss-you gift. Well, here is the good news, whatever it is, they will know you miss them.


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