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14 Ways to Show Your Friends You Love Them

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Telling your friends that you love them may sound silly or even intimidating but it is one of the best things you can do. Every person loves to be appreciated and know that there’s someone who cares for them. It is important to make your friends feel that they can count on you at all times.

It is not enough just to call someone a friend. You have to demonstrate your love both in words and in action. Although you may not be able to please everyone that you call a friend, there are certain things you can do to show your friends you love them.

Here are 14 ways to show your friends you love them

1. Write letters

Writing letters may appear old-fashioned but it remains one of the best ways to express love to your friends. Although technology has introduced different channels of communication such as social media platforms, letters demonstrate how committed you are to your friends by taking time to draft them. Letters make your friends feel special, particularly if it is a surprise.

2. Send cute gifts

Friendship is about appreciating one another in different ways including exchanging gifts. There’s no better way of making your friends happy than sending them cute gifts. The best way to do this is to find out what your friend or friends love most and prepare a surprise gift for them. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Sometimes is better to show rather than say and a good way to show your best friend is with Friendship Messages in a Bottle. This cute prescription-like bottle includes 50 Friendship messages inside a capsules on a jar with a themed prescription label. It is such a special way of showing you care about that special friend. A true friend will appreciate any gift from a friend irrespective of how much it costs.

3. Go on an adventure

Going out for adventures is one of the best BFF tips. You get to learn a lot about each other and share ideas. Get a good place that is convenient and interesting for all your friends. It could be a hiking trip, camping vacation or an overseas tour. Come up with a venue and share the idea with your friends. You can decide to sponsor the adventure or cost-share with your friends.

4. Host a dinner

Since time immemorial, food has always brought people together. Organizing a special dinner is one of the best friendship tips you can think about. It may appear simple but it demonstrates that you really care about your friends. Make the dinner a special one by decorating your house or laid-back backyard barbecue. Think of what your friends like while putting together the dinner event.

5. Encourage them

True friendship is about caring for one another in all aspects. You need to be there for your friends both in good and bad times. If a friend is going through a hard time, that is the time the moment they need motivation and encouragement. Show them that they are not alone by sending them heartfelt messages and being there with them. Help them with a task, hug them or send flowers to wipe their tears.

6. Celebrate them

This is also one of the best friendship tips. Let your friends know how important they are in your life by celebrating being happy with their achievements. It doesn’t matter whether it is a relationship milestone, job promotion or successful completion of a project, let them know you are truly happy for them. You can do better than just praising them. For instance, you can decide to bake them a cake to appreciate their achievements.

7. Communicate with them frequently

Communication is also a great way to show that you care about your friends. Any strong relationship requires constant and effective communication. Try to regularly check on how your friends are doing without waiting for them to reach out to you. When you met with each other, minimize using your phone and practice active listening. Not paying attention when your friends are talking may send signs of disrespect.

8. Send them happy birthday best wishes

A birthday is an important day for most people. You should try to keep a record of your friends’ birthday dates and send them inspiring messages. You can even go ahead and surprise them with a birthday party or gift. Doing so will make them feel loved and appreciated.

9. Video chat or arrange for physical meetings

It is important to create time for your friends. In case you are in a long distance friendship, learn to video chat at least every week and find out how your friend is fearing. Try also to organize regular physical meetings with friends who stay near your place. Coming together and talking shows that you care about each other. It also helps strengthen your bond, especially if you are in a long distance friendship.

10. Say thank you

The word “thank you” is often underrated. Most people love being appreciated and recognized for what they have done. If a friend does something nice for you, then appreciate them by saying thank you. It will make a big difference in your relationship.

11. Invite them into your family

Your family members are the most important people in your life. If you genuinely love your friends, then introduce them to your family. Invite them to your home occasionally and let them be known to the rest of your family. It will make them feel comfortable to mingle with your family members and feel loved.

12. Share knowledge and important information with friends

Whether it is a job opportunity, educational scholarship or motivational speech, sharing such information with your friends makes them know you care about them. Don’t fail to hook up your friends on important functions and educational programs.

13. Surprise them

This is also one of the best BFF tips. Sometimes you will hear your friends talking about something they really wish to have but they haven’t been able because of one reason or another. Take that advantage and make it happen through a surprise.

14. Have fun together

All work without play makes jack a dull boy. The same applies to friendship. Create time to play and have fun with your friends.