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How To Keep Your Friends Close When They Live Far Away

Having a close friend relocate miles away from you can be sad and worrying. Transitioning from being with someone often to a long distance friendship can be demanding as you have to reconfigure your relationship. Though it might be for a good cause such as work or school, chances you are concerned that you will grow apart. Definitely, it is way easier to maintain a close bond with friends you see and interact with more.

However, best companionships are built to survive regardless of their distance. Your relationship will undoubtedly change, but that doesn’t mean it has to dissolve. The recent pandemic has revealed that it is possible to maintain a distant relationship as people had to self-isolate for long periods. People looked for more ways to stay in touch with their loved ones.

Arguably, maintaining such friendships requires you to put in more work as there is no real human connection. Here are a few BFF tips you should consider to keep your friendship.
How To Keep Your Friends Close When They Live Far Away

1. Staying in Contact
We are lucky nowadays that we can communicate with ease with anyone worldwide. Having a variety of available technologies to choose from, you can keep in touch at almost no cost. With just a smartphone or a tablet, you can call, text, or share memes with your friend at a click of a button.

There are several apps that you can download and take advantage of. The wonders of social media have made it possible even to have face-to-face conversations. Such apps include Skype, Whatsapp, and Zoom, among many others. A video call can feel as real and accessible as you can see and react to different cues and body expressions.

You can also send postcards or write letters. They can be more expressive than a text or call. Try and communicate with them as often as possible. Don’t just share pictures and memes. Engage in intimate and meaningful conversations. Ask questions about their life, such as school or work. You can crack common jokes or provide helpful advice on a problem they are experiencing.

2. Find Activities You Can Do Together Apart
You can keep your friends close by remotely watching a movie together. Update your friend of a new film or series to watch if your schedules conflict. Share and comment on various scenes and favorite actors concerning the movie to create conversations. You do not need to be together to enjoy a movie.

Another friendship tip is sharing a good book. Starting a remote book club can do a lot for your long distance friendship. Having dedicated meetings will force you and your friends to see each other’s faces through video calls. Apart from reading the book, you will also catch up on other areas. Maintaining this closeness is vital for your friendship. You can also mail books to each other and debate them once everyone is done.
There are also several amazing online games that both of you can partake in. From board games to multiplayer games, find something that you can both enjoy. It gives you something familiar to discuss.

3. Be Intentional About Keeping Your Friendship
If you want to maintain a long distance relationship, you must be willing to put in the effort. Like any other relationship, every individual should strive to keep the friendship alive. This is known as reciprocal commitment. Always try and be there for them by offering help and advice.

Find time to reach out to them, especially if time zones are different. Listen to their interest and hobbies. Share recent interesting events by way of videos or photos. You can make plans for the future when you are going to reunite. This is one of the BFF tips you cannot overlook. It shows that you miss them and value them.

4. Don’t Hesitate to Make Conversation
Always take a step to initiate a conversation, especially on essential matters. Make a point to converse beyond daily chit-chat. This makes your friendship more personal and close. You can call your friend to seek advice on important decisions in your life, such as a career change. Friendship isn’t all about sharing the good. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance when you have a problem. This brings a feeling of trust and intimacy to your relationship.

You could also send postcards or cute gifts on days such as birthdays or holidays. Reach out to them at least once a year. Remembering such events shows that you still value your friendship.

5. Surprise Them With Gifts
Friendship tips also involve exchanging gifts and favors. As soon as you meet them, surprise them with the cute gifts you have been waiting to offer them.  Make DIY gifts like a hand-written letter which goes a long way to show that you care. Sometimes is better to show rather than say and a good way to show your best friend is with Friendship Messages in a Bottle. This cute prescription-like bottle includes 50 Friendship messages inside a capsules on a jar with a themed prescription label. It is such a special way of showing you care about that special friend. Exchanging gifts shows that you genuinely love them even when they are not around.

6. Conflicts are Healthy, Address Them
The distance and life changes between you two can take a hard toll on your relationship. Miscommunication can happen and can be left unaddressed because of the limited time you are in contact with your friend. You might also get jealous of their new friendships with other people. Bringing up such an issue can be scary, but you must address it soon to act on such emotions. Reaffirm your friendship and commitment as often as possible.

Sometimes there might be a lag in response which can be disappointing and frustrating. You might also not speak in a while, making you feel unwanted. This shows a lack of commitment, and failure to address such issues can strain your friendship.

Reciprocity is vital for any long distance friendship. Stay at the top of your communication and commitment by returning calls or texts. If you notice that things are one-sided, don’t back away. Try reaching out first and address the issue in a non-accusatory manner. Your friendship will likely thrive more and bring you closer together by addressing a conflict.

Long-lasting friendships are built on trust and commitment. Follow the following friendship tips to maintain your relationship. It is up to you to put in the required effort to keep your friends close. Grow together despite being miles apart by reaffirming them that they are irreplaceable.